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I am a veterinarian who finds great joy in photography. Since a small age I have always been obsessed with the premises of being being able to capture a moment whether it is known or candid and keep it for life. I feel that the recent progress in digital photography has really allowed me to develop my skills and fully enjoy the entire experience. I am a Sudanese but I have been living abroad since the dawn of this century. I spent 10 years in The Netherlands and 8 years in France before moving to the USA (Seattle, WA) with my family. I feel that travelling the world has deepened my understanding and appreciation for small details in my native country but also in other countries that I have been privileged to visit. I have tried to reflect my fascination throughout my website. If my photography touches you in anyway, please feel free to leave me a comment and share your thoughts. If you would like to share or use my humble photography attempts else where, please be so kind as to let me know in advance. My photography is close to my heart and I hope you get as much enjoyment flicking through them as I have by taking them. 

Obai Khalifa
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